Magnetic command

De Havilland proposes the only watch on the market where every functions are commanded by two simple, easy-to-perform acts, even while wearing gloves: pushing a button, rotating the bezel. Pressing the button is like "clicking" on a computer mouse: it enters into a function. Rotating the bezel is like moving the cursor, making it possible to "navigate" inside the function. In this way, both for the analogue and digital display, times, values or menu options are shown, in one direction or another, before validating them by clicking.

In addition to its unrivalled convenience, this principle offers a clear advantage in terms of reliability. It uses innovative, patented technology, known as "no wearing parts" and "no piercing", which removes the traditional crown and its shaft. The push buttons and the rotating bezel steer the internal organs by magnetic field, without any mechanical link through the case. The commands are clear and precise to the touch; there are no seals, so watertightness is guaranteed, and the parts are practically imperishable.

So, while the best mechanical buttons on the market give up the ghost after 15,000 pushes, an amount that is reached fairly quickly when used intensively, DH magnetic buttons with permanent magnets have been tested on the test bench, with no sign of weakness after 1.5 million pushes, thus guaranteeing a minimal lifespan 100 times longer!

montre de havilland Demo:
time setting
montre de havilland Demo:
altitude adjustment