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Jean-Daniel Carrard is the founder and director of a micro-electronics company in Yverdon-les-Bains and has been para-gliding/hang-gliding since the 1970s. Manufacturer of measuring instruments for para-gliders/hanggliders,navigation and meteorology, he partners wellknown watch-making brands, is an inventor and owner of patents for applications using magnetic fields, and also a film-maker and photographer.

Patrick Guerne is the founder and director of a graphic arts company in La Chaux-de-fonds. He has been para-gliding/hang-gliding since 1978 and is also a microlight, plane and aerobatics pilot, as well as an inventor, film-maker and photographer. To promote liberalisation of the microlight, in 1999 he did a tour of Switzerland in one day in this machine.

The two friends have notably made a film about the famous vol-bivouac pilot, Didier Favre, and have worked with the University of neuch√Ętel to develop an innovative camera stabiliser.


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