highest quality Swiss quartz movement

The robust, watertight case encloses a unique Swiss-made movement, made of a plate machined from solid supporting an electronic card that integrates the pressure sensor, the push button sensors and a processor, which is the heart of the system.

The purpose of this processor is to manage commands, pilot the analogue movement and the LCD display, which is offset at 6 o'clock for optimal readability.

The temperature of the quartz, which ensures precision, is compensated by the processor's software. Not only is each component of a De Havilland watch optimised, they are also gauged, inspected and adjusted individually before delivery.

The built-in software also makes it possible to re-gauge the altimeter/barometer's pressure sensor in the event of deregulation due to ageing.

Time is precise to +/- 3/100th of a second per day. Measures remain as reliable as is possible in the current state of the technique.

Energy is supplied by a lithium battery with minimum autonomy of 2 years, which may increase to 5 years depending on the version and use.

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